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Bleeding Money

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS IN SCC’S FINANCIAL CRISIS SCC is in the midst of a budget crisis. The school has not submitted financial statements since fiscal 2012-13. Due to an estimated $2.3 million budget shortfall, the campus is exploring possibilities of layoffs and class cuts in 2021, according to Acting Vice-President for Student Learning Bayta Maring….



SUPPORTING LOVED ONES THROUGH ADDICTION If you are an Adult Child of Alcoholic parents, as are many individuals, you may have experienced being withdrawn, having mixed emotions, being disconnected, or even finding amazing social interactions at work, but very few or no friends in your personal life as well as fear of romantic partnerships. According…

Fake It to Make It

HIGHER EDUCATION SELLS OUT TO HOLLYWOOD In perhaps one of the most jaw-dropping events to kick off 2019, millions of Americans were left stunned when, on March 12, it was reported that actresses Felicity Huffman, who portrayed Lynette Scavo on “Desperate Housewives” and Lori Loughlin, known to many as Aunt Becky on the long-running ABC…

Relationship Con(text)

MAKING MOBILE COMMUNICATION THE NORM When thinking of communicating in the present, one might see a drastic change in how we have come to engage in social interaction. Gone are days when people carefully planned who they wanted to dial. Mobile phones are the new age of communication. Those wishing to avoid direct communication, or…

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