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Azia K.J. Lualhati is a Communications major born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but raised in the Bay Area. She is now actively involved on campus, honing her leadership skills in the Honors Student Council and the Ebbtide. Post-SCC, she wants to take a gap year and focus on saving money for a 4-year university, where she will double major in journalism and law. Lualhati loves baby animals, traveling, getting tattoos and Kingdom Hearts. Azia is a Slytherin.

Copy Editor:

CJ Priebe hails from King George, Virginia, where he played in mud puddles with his twin sister until much too old an age. Now he is an aspiring journalist whose interests include but aren’t limited to: sports, sociology, and suppressing oligarchical power. He considers himself a Stoic philosophically (though he did not know its precise label until listening to a podcast recently, so that probably says something about him). He has visited Scotland and claims to have seen the Loch Ness monster. CJ is a Hufflepuff.

Design Director:

Elizabeth is a midwest transplant who now calls the Pacific Northwest home. She is in the VCT program for Graphic Design and wished she had time to also take the intro Engineering classes.  Elizabeth loves languages and while majoring in Spanish spent a college year in Italy – not logical but it was fun! When she is not studying or working Elizabeth spends her time hiking, biking and traveling with her spouse and dog.

Online Editor:

Natasha Ann Sidik (also known as Sasha), was born in California, but spent most of her late childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before working in the Ebbtide, she dabbled in various clubs and volunteer organizations. Sidik is a psychology major and an ENFJ. Always looking forward to new ideas, this Hufflepuff loves reading, dogs, kids, stationeries, music, and themed events! In the future, she plans to take a year off to get her in-state residency, before heading back to university.

A&E Editor:

Nova Clark resides in Seattle, WA where she devotes her days to studying film, television and culture of the 1950s and 1960s. She has been Arts and Entertainment Editor for The Ebbtide since fall 2018. While earning her AA in Music Performance at SCC, a last-second theater review led to her employment at the newspaper. Since then, she has written about topics including movies, plays and people — all with a twist of historical significance. Outside of the paper, she enjoys collecting antiques.

Sports Editor:

Ed Strong is

Ad Manager:

Ting-Yu “Shari” Sung is an SCC sophomore who started since fall 2017. This is her first quarter with Ebbtide. Besides her job as the Ad manager, she is also working as an IPM for the international office this quarter. Since she is majoring now in Statistics, she thinks that working as an Ad manager would help her strengthen her skills to coordinate and analyze data that is essential for acing in the statistics field.


Forrest Baum grew up in Seattle and is married, with two sons, ages 3 and 12. Science and learning are some of his favorite things. He bikes, camps, goes bike camping, and has a campy bike. Forrest likes helping people and is interested in a degree communicating science or in efficiency and sustainability. He loves talking and listening, enjoys the rain, and is an amateur urban astronomer… good thing he enjoys the rain.