ASG in Review – Vol 54 Issue 6, January 14, 2019

CJ Priebe

The Associated Student Government (ASG) typically holds meetings from 3-5 p.m. in the Boardroom of the 1000 Building on the first and third Monday of every month. Students may attend if they would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue. In addition, students may meet with their representatives in the Student Life Office on the third floor of the PUB on most weekdays.

This was the first meeting of the winter quarter. The next one will take place on Jan. 28.


Salsa Club

Zachary Peeples presented a request for $354.27 about the Salsa Club’s plans to have weekly dance sessions with refreshments included. It will include both beginner and intermediate level classes, with the intermediate ones being taught by a pair of professional instructors. The beginner classes will be taught by Salsa Club members. Peeples also requested a new speaker to connect to the one they already use.

After the ASG voiced their thankfulness for the high quality of the presentation, it was approved.

The club meets up on Mondays, and the dance instruction will last for six weeks.

[Requested:] $354.27

[Granted:] $354.27

CEO Club

Due to a student’s absence, the second request was given by Alan Loveless, Career Education Options (CEO) program case manager and one of the CEO Community Club advisors. The club is set up for students who don’t currently have a high school diploma.

The $130 request was for food and supplies from Costco for their “Aging Out Seminar” after the success they had last year.

The seminar serves as a kind of graduation for students leaving the program. A student presenter who has already made it through the program will talk about how they got their funding and managed their path, and afterwards they will take questions. There will be other speakers as well, including ones from Financial Aid, Workforce and Seattle Education Access.

[Requested:] $130.00

[Granted:] $130.00

Hiking Club

For the Hiking Club, Jesse Molitor asked for a mini-grant for their trip to Lake 22. Specifically, the request for money to cover their food costs (an assortment of healthy and tasty staples to be bought at Safeway) and a bit of the transportation fees.

After some discussion about unexpected fees, a few officers suggested taking out the transportation part of the request and take it to the SCOF Committee for their Jan. 16 meeting.

It was concluded that a reduced amount covering food and food adjacent products would be given.

Requested: $270

Granted: $186.81

Honors Student Council

Tasty Tuesday was the item on today’s menu. The Honors Student Council wants to provide food for students in the Honors student lounge on a weekly basis. The food is for club members, but the presenter said they wouldn’t turn away guests looking for grub.

The original request was for $416.97. They mostly requested the type of food that lasts a long time and can be rolled over quarter-to-quarter. ASG Vice President Chloe Shek was concerned about the amount of food that was suggested, and suggested they use their baseline budget for the more perishable food items.

Requested: $416.97

Granted: $281.97

Fencing Club

The Fencing Club asked for a mini-grant of $125.43. They want chips, pizza, juice, plates and cups from Central Market for a promotional event to be held on Feb. 5 in the Quiet Dining Room.

Tech Affairs Officer Isaac Tchao asked why they didn’t get their food items from Costco, to which it was discovered that they didn’t know someone with a Costco card. Someone hook them up.

Requested: $125.43

Granted: $125.43

Chinese Culture Club

On Feb. 15, the Chinese Culture Club wants to host their yearly Winter Ball, this time with a theme of “star and light,” and requested a sum of $5,461.57 for the event. The YouToo Club and Dancing Club would collaborate with their hosts, both by capturing the moment and providing entertainment.

Communications Officer Kavir Ortega mentioned hearing about leftover food being an issue last year. Government Affairs Officer Ronald Widgjaja talked about the brand of photobooth and asked whether it was from the same vendor as last time.

Vice President Shek asked if the paperwork for the photobooth was already completed, which it wasn’t. It was then discovered that the previous vendor was about $170 cheaper than the one presented in the mini-grant request.

Sustainability Officer Brian Tansil also dove into questions about cost-effectiveness, like whether they already get discounts from their vendors.

Budget and Finance Officer Ezekiel Park advised that the Chinese Culture Club take some time to revise their request using their advisor’s help. The grant was tabled until next meeting.

[Requested:] $5,461.57

[Granted:] $0