Coming through to Ronnue

Hello, Ebbtide readers. My name is Ronnue Mc Thomas. I’m a student here at SCC in the Digital Film program. Everyone who knows me knows that I always have a lot to say. I’m the one in the group who everyone comes to for advice. So I started thinking to myself, I bet there are a lot of people right here at SCC who have problems, concerns or who just simply want to vent about issues related to SCC. I am here, with my infinite wisdom to save the day.

Jamaican Recipes

Fried Plantains
When I first laid my eyes on a plantain I thought it looked like a banana… on steroids. I was even naive enough to try to eat it without cooking it! Yuck. But once that sweet plantain hit the hot oil, a beautiful sugary tropical smell filled the air. Lucky for us, we do not have to travel out of the country to indulge in this tropical treat. Buyers beware! Do not buy plantains from local grocery stores. They taste like cardboard. Instead buy your plantains from an international market such as JD’s Market in Lynnwood.

Why Are We in Vietnam Anyway?

Disclaimer: Here’s a satirical quiz article from The Ebbtide’s vaults dating back to Jan. 25, 1973.

Getting Keen with Quinoa

Feel like being nice to your body and going gluten-free? Try this simple recipe for quinoa salad that you will leave your tummy and taste buds happy. Quinoa is an ancient grain known for its high concentra- tions of antioxidants.The Food and Agri- cultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) officially declared 2013 the, “Year of the Quinoa.” So, get on board and lets get cooking.

Learn the Rights and Wrongs of Writing College Papers

SCC’s Writing and Learning Studio is holding Student Success Workshops. All workshops are free, available to SCC students, faculty, and staff, and will be held in Room 1501.

Three Cup Chicken

Three cup chicken is a famous chinese dish. It’s originally from Jiangxi, China, but when it came to Taiwan, it became more popular and developed different flavors than the traditional recipe. The name “three cup” comes from this dish originally having a cup of three main ingredients —soy sauce, wine, and oil. This famous dish is often cooked in many Tawainese homes. It pairs great with steamed rice.

Hatboot's Christmas Adventure

Bonkers for Bananas!

Bananas may be light and small fruits, but they provide energy and nutrition to the human body. According to The Independent — a British morning newspaper published in London — in 2012, Olympic athletes ate 2.7 million bananas in two weeks. In other words every athlete ate more than 10 bananas a day in order to get the calories needed, an electrolyte balance and even to reduce leg cramps.

But the problem is bananas are easy to crush, especially if carried, thrown in a backpack or a purse. Here are two banana recipes that can be ready to eat within five minutes or one hour.


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Nuts for nuts!

A list of recipes that all have one thing in common: they’re nuts.

By Tawnie Wetzsteon and Shannon Hall



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