Letter From The Editor – Oct. 25, 2019

BOO! Are you scared yet? Shaking in your boots? Frozen in fear? Well, you should be, because we’re about to get to two straight months of Christmas music. Happy Halloween, everyone. The month dedicated to B-rated horror movies, pumpkin-spiced everything, culturally indifferent costumes and unpredictable, inevitable Washington weather creeps ever closer. The Ebbtide is just…

Double Exposure: “The China Syndrome” (1979)

In the 1970s, disaster films were all the rage. Audiences flocked to the theaters to witness the melodramatic appeal of “Earthquake” and “Airport,” which often threw allstar casts into fantastical situations. The release of James Bridges’ “The China Syndrome,” however, presented an understated and starkly believable tale of an inner-city nuclear nightmare. Its cast of…

Letter From The Editor – Oct. 11, 2019

Welcome back, Phins! The Ebbtide is back and we’re ready for another school year. Say hello to long nights in the library and early morning coffee runs. The shift from summer to fall was abrupt, reminding us that our long, unstructured days have now transitioned into something more rigid and regimented. If you’re new to…


Music Speaks Louder Than Words

SCC PIANIST PURSUES HIS PASSION The path to success comes with many small victories. This has proved true for SCC pianist Yuly Kopkin, whose musical journey has been significantly different than that of the average faculty member. Kopkin was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia — the country’s fourth largest city. “Music education occupies a very strong…


Music: The Greatest Escape

SCC STUDENT FINDS THAT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Summer is coming and there will be an abundance of new bands to go see, including SCC student Em Heffernan’s project Nessy. On April 20, Nessy opened a house show with a combination of eight-bit digital pop and jazzy rock. Heffernan’s vocals were clean and at times operatic…


Don’t Sleep On “ZZ”

POSITION CHANGE HELPS PLAYER TAKE CENTER STAGE Zane Zurbrugg has all of the tools that make baseball scouts salivate. He’s tall, with a quick, compact swing, a powerful arm and record-breaking speed. Three years ago, he barely made a blip on anyone’s radar. Recruitment “I wasn’t even recruited coming out of high school,” Zurbrugg said….

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