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Juan Páez is the Political Reporter for the Ebbtide. He covers breaking news and politics, while writing the ASG in Review every issue. Páez daydreams of overthrowing governments while playing guitar.


Bleeding Money

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS IN SCC’S FINANCIAL CRISIS SCC is in the midst of a budget crisis. The school has not submitted financial statements since fiscal 2012-13. Due to an estimated $2.3 million budget shortfall, the campus is exploring possibilities of layoffs and class cuts in 2021, according to Acting Vice-President for Student Learning Bayta Maring….

Secondhand Suicide

HOW MY FRIENDS AND I FACED SUDDEN LOSS Disclaimer: If you or a loved one are facing suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is available 24 hours a day: 1-800-273-8255 Near the halfway point of my senior year in high school, one of my friends killed himself. He locked himself up…


New ASG President Hopes to Push Student Engagement

ISAAC TCHAO ENCOURAGES COMMUNICATION SCC’s current budget predicament has pushed the administration to attempt to improve communication with the staff and faculty. Students, however, are still mostly in the dark regarding SCC’s finances. Isaac Tchao, the new Associated Student Government (ASG) president, has based his campaign around the issue of improving communication channels between ASG…


Ebbtide Eats: Taquería El Sabor

A COMFORTING MEXICAN EATERY In a world full of pseudo-Mexican restaurants (I’m looking at you Taco Time) serving cuisine named “mexifries,” taquería El Sabor constitutes an authentic and flavorful option close to SCC. Located about thirty minutes away from SCC by foot, El Sabor has been my reliable source of comfort food since the beginning…


SCC Budget Crisis Shakes Administration

KEY FIGURES REVEAL MONETARY REALITY SCC’s finances are a cause of growing concern amongst faculty, staff and the student body, with the administration exploring solutions such as raising tuition and keeping job vacancies open as an answer to the $3 million budget shortfall the campus is facing. The administration held another open meeting to address…

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