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Theater Prepares for ‘Shorts’-Circuit

Featured above are two of the ten one-act plays in this year’s Shoreline Shorts.

In “Finders Keepers,” SCC students Suzanne Ballout, Amanda McGee, and Shane Wynn (photo top left) are college roommates arguing over what to do with the sofa bed they found on the street. Amanda’s character (photo top right) calls the police in a hilarious comedy written by Wally Lane and Angus Vieira.

Design Students Put on First Off-Campus Show

The location is set. The website is up. The invitations are sent.

It’s official: The Visual Communications Technology (VCT) Club is putting on the first off-campus portfolio show on June 3 at A/NT Gallery in Seattle, which is free to attend.
The show is showcasing work of VCT students and alumni to professionals and public in the area. Over 1,000 email invites and 500 mailers were sent out to industry professionals and high schools in the area.

The Up-Do Brings the Doo Wop in SCC’s “Hairspray”

We’re lucky to go to a school with a strong focus on performance art like SCC. The most recent endeavor of the community college talent pool, “Hairspray,” was a striking success in its opening weekend at the campus theater.

The Movie Reel-In

Who better to review a couple of retro films than Ebbtide’s favorite film buff? He’s dug through the dungeon-like archives of the ever-dying video-rental store to bring you some underrated hits from a time when the stunts were real, the cinematography was gritty, and the audio was always poorly mixed.

After-School Art Clubs Roll out Their Wares

People from the surrounding area show up to check out SCC’s campus, they walk into the administration building for information, but what do they get instead? A dog and an ape cast in clay, eternally locked in a staring contest. The only thing keeping their burning gaze on one another is their inability to escape their ceramic prisons. They have mouths but they cannot scream.

This is the combined club show in the 1000 building’s art gallery!

Leaked Rants Bring Racism Topic to SCC

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist rants. Many White students are shocked by his statements, but many Black students aren’t. The sentiments that are ringing within the Black community are that Sterling is just voicing what many White Americans secretly feel but don’t have the courage to voice aloud, especially White Americans of Sterling’s age group. In fact, there are many Blacks who say they feel like they are still living in slavery in a different form.

Off the Mains' Stream

Every issue, the Ebbtide’s music aficionado takes a break from combing the dark depths of Internet music forums and surfaces with something grittier, more raw and heavier than your typical pop-chart professor.
These are his findings.

Big Hair Raises the Roof in SCC's Hairspray!

Last year it was said that "Sweeney Todd" would be SCC's biggest production to date, and though that may have been the case, this year's rendition of the broadway musical "Hairspray!" is certain to blow the murderous barber right out of his salon chair.

The show is hilariously coherent, taking place in '60s Baltimore, during a time when racial integration was still taboo. The play’s hefty heroine, Tracy Turnblad (Morgan Heetbrink), is in the habit of getting thrown in detention, as her high school just doesn’t understand the importance of having humongously cuaft hair.

Theater Troupe Puts on Shorts

Here's an idea, let's have a theater production where all the writers, directors, and actors are entirely made up of SCC students and see what kind of crazy ideas they can come up with. Well let me tell you, the idea already exists. They call it the Shoreline Shorts and this year's show is taking an interesting new turn.

Usually, the Spring's annual drama-rama isn't really dramatic at all. These five to ten minute shorts have been known to be outright hilarious, but this year the stories Theater Department Head Tony Doupe has chosen take a darker, more serious approach.

'The Wind Rises' and a Directer's Career Soars

“Artists are only active for ten years, we engineers are the same. Live your ten years to the full.” This is the sentiment that passes from one plane engineer to Jiro, the main character of Studio Ghibli’s latest film, The Wind Rises. A sentiment which co-founder and legendary director Hayao Miyazaki has surpassed three times over in over 30 years of brilliant animation work.




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