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Release the music inside: the key to finding a more musical education

For those who are newcomers or who just want to pick up their old band instrument again,
SCC’s music department doesn’t discriminate against major. Of the many ensembles that free
for anyone to audition for, below are three groups worth checking out.

The scripture in pictures – a new look at an old book

There are a variety of condensed and edited versions of the Bible which make it more readable,
such as “The Bible For Dummies” by Jeffrey Geoghegan and Michael Homan, or “A Child’s First
Bible” by Kenneth N. Taylor if you’re feeling really lazy about it.

Play­ception: behind the scenes of “Noises Off”

Ever wondered what goes into having actors look natural on­stage? SCC’s latest comedy
explores the unseen world of stage actors and pokes fun at the long, and sometimes arduous,
process of making a production work seamlessly.
“Acting is all about a sense of play,” Bryar Golden said, “and the (actors) that are successful in
both the student and in the professional world are the ones that come up on stage and want to have fun.”

Puppets at SCC Will Sing: "The Internet is for Porn"

The world was a much simpler place when we were children. What’s that animal? What doesn’t
belong? Big bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster had the answer then, but what if they could help us
with our new, grown­up problems now?
“Avenue Q,” the next musical production coming to SCC, presents its story in the style of
popular children’s shows that rely on puppets. In addition to dealing with current issues, the
musical explores some risqué concepts by pushing the boundaries of what many consider

The Street Code Myth: A ‘spoiler free’ review of “Black Mass” Johnny Depp shines in his darkest role yet

What is it about the persona of larger than life criminals and films about them that capture public
attention so effectively?
I have always stood somewhere between being mystified by and somehow relating to
characters like James “Whitey” Bulger. We do always have a choice, and the result is what
separates the animals from the citizens .
Black Mass is another chapter aimed at satisfying the desire to understand what makes a man
operate so far outside the lines of civility.

Shoreline teachers bring music to the community

Musical talent fills the halls of SCC as three different Shoreline instructors bring their own unique styles of sounds to listeners.

Pitch Perfect 2

They are back, Pitches! The original “Pitch Perfect” was a hit so it's not surprising that the sequel is too.

Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) has lead the Barden Bellas to three national collegiate a cappella championship titles, and the group continues to defy convention and amaze audiences.



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